St. Peter's Shantiniketan High School | St. Peter's Central Public School


Mrs. Pooja Kiran Reddy

Director, St.Peter's Shantiniketan High School & St.Peter's Central Public School

Mrs. Sugandhini

Principal, St.Peter's Shantiniketan High School & St.Peter's Central Public School

Nurturing Integrity & Expertise Since 1995

At St.Peters Shantiniketan High School & St.Peter’s Central Public School, we create nurturing environments that enrich the lives of our students through a holistic approach to education. Our mission since our establishment has been to empower the world with responsible young leaders who possess intellectual prowess, strong values, and social skills. We firmly believe that joyful children are the best learners, and the countless thriving St.Peter’s alumni worldwide stand as proof of our institution’s success.

Bringing World-Class Pedagogies To Every Classroom

At St.Peter’s Shantiniketan High School & St.Peter’s Central Public School, we prepare students to shape the future of the world through learning environments that encourage creativity, enhance intelligence and help students develop their individuality.

Nurturing Athletes
We forge skilled athletes with strong character and sportsmanship.
Creative learning
Harnessing the Power of Creative Learning with various different arts for Optimal Educational Outcomes.
21st Century skills
Harnessing the Power of Brain-Compatible Learning for Optimal Educational Outcomes.
UN Sustainable Development Goals
Empowering Students to Contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Respect, Responsibilty and cooperation
Fostering a Culture of Respect, Responsibility, and Cooperation.

You certainly would want the best education for your child, and you have come to the right place at St.Peter’s Hyderabad. Known to be one of the top SSC & CBSE schools in the city that helps you uncover your child’s potential and also build their competencies to face the world, St.Peters School is the best bet for your child’s bright future.

The school ensures that your child’s learning experience is highly personalized and that it aids to nurture their natural curiosity about their surroundings. St. Peters, Hyderabad has an Innovation Curriculum in place which hones every child’s skills to be future leaders. With the noble vision to create life entrepreneurs & corporate leaders through holistic education and lifelong learning, the school has a Leadership School to instill the responsibilities that come along with the role.

Cultivating Critical Thinking and Logical Intelligence for Well-rounded Development.

Nurturing Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence and Promoting Collaboration Skills.

Pathway to Excellence

Join us in celebrating the daily triumphs of our students as they thrive in diverse pursuits and embrace their full potential with passion and excellence.

What They Say About Us ?

It's a wonderful school for all round development. It runs both CBSC and State board, we can choose any one. The way they receive the parents and children is amazing . We can make our kids join without any doubt | Thank you!
Mr. Surender Reddy
Good school with lot of trees garden,so much greenary and pleasant environment | Teaching here is also good with a track record of very good pass percentage !
Mr.Ravi Singham
Local Guide
Great to see a school with such a large school campus and good play areas for the kids studying here. Good Managment I would say who sounded passionate when I spoke to them.
Mr.Koushik Madapati
Local Guide
St.Peter's Shantiniketan High School / St. Peter's Central Public School is a very nice place for the students to study. The Campus is also quite spacious and big.
Dr. Chitturi Ganeswara Rao
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